Access Requirement Form

Accessibility information:

  • Purchase the tickets you require, minus the PA ticket or the disabled child ticket
  • If you are not awarded a free ticket you will be able to pay for an additional ticket later
  • Send us your completed access requirement form (only valid with a purchased ticket) and any supporting evidence
  • We will endeavour to respond within 10 working days to confirm your requests
  • We will then send you a confirmation email, and further instructions.
  • This form will be automatically sent to hello@cheshireballoonfiesta.co.uk
  • If you have any issues submitting this form, please send all of the information in an email, along with your attached documents/photocopies of evidence

Submitting supporting documents

When submitting documents to support your application, we ask that you:

  • Scan/take a photo of evidence and attach it to the bottom of this form via the ‘upload file’ button. If you have any problems with this, continue to fill out the rest of the form and send your documents in a separate email to hello@cheshireballoonfiesta.co.uk 
Part 1: Personal Details
Please complete all of the following fields
Note: *If the disabled customer is a child, a free child’s ticket will be allocated. We do not provide ‘purchase and payback’. Please do not purchase tickets for essential carers or disabled children.
Part 2: Access provision request
Please check the box next to the access provision you are requesting. You may select more than one.
Note: *Please note that viewing platform access spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. By ticking the above boxes, you are indicating that you would like to utilise these provisions, but we cannot guarantee access to everyone.
Part 3: Information/Evidence
Evidence is required for all of the above requests. Please check the box next to the evidence you wish to submit:
We recognise that the evidence above is not definitive. If you do not have any of the above evidence but wish to apply for the above access facilities, please use this box to state why you require them.
Please email copies of any additional evidence that supports your application if you have any, or contact us to discuss your application. Your application will be judged on a case-by-case basis. If any of your access requirements change prior to the fiesta please be sure to inform us at the earliest opportunity so that we ca do our best to ensure these needs are met.

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